Application Guide/Procedure for ABU Transcript and Document Verification

A comprehensive guide for applying  for Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Transcript and Document Verification. Prospective applicants are recommended to follow the processes outlined below in order to apply online for UNILORIN Transcript and Document verification.

All Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) graduates are being notified that they can now apply for transcript collecting online. The following processes can be used to apply for Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) transcripts and document verification:

How to request For ABU Transcript

To request a transcript, please click on the ‘TRANSCRIPT REQUEST’ link on the left side. Fill in your information as precisely as possible. Please keep in mind that providing a valid email address on the request form is required. This will allow the portal to automatically send you emails with updates on every transaction you do on the site.

How To Initiate A Transcript Request

The first time you access the site, you must establish an account by just entering your matric number; the system will obtain your information and populate the form for you. If your records are missing from our system, you must complete the form correctly by supplying the following information: Surname, First name, Other names, Matriculation number (IN THIS FORMAT – U04CS1032, U12CS1006, etc), email address, Nationality, State, Local Government, Contact Address, Permanent Address, Date of Birth (yy-mm-dd), Gender, Phone Number, and choose your password to gain access to your account at any time.

However, if you have previously visited the platform and successfully created an account, you must skip the form filling process and simply enter your matriculation number and password to log in and complete your transcript request form, check your application status, or make additional transcript requests.

You are asked to supply the following information about the transcript you are seeking (destination): The name of the institution or organization to which the transcript is to be delivered, its address, city, state, ZIP/Postcode (for overseas addresses), and country. Please keep in mind that the address you specify is the address to which the courier will deliver your transcript, and your transcript will reflect this address, so be as specific and correct as possible.

You can order more than one transcript at a time by selecting more than one copy in the offered option or by making separate requests and adding them to your basket.

How To Apply For ABU Transcripts Form and the Document Verification Process

Prospective applicants should complete the following:

1) go to the ABU document verification portal website at

2) Select the Apply for Transcript option.

3) Enter the needed information, and then click Submit.

How to Verify ABU Transcript  Document

Prospective candidates should do the following:

1) Create your company’s profile by filling out your company’s information.
2) On the confirmation screen, confirm your information.
3) To validate, enter a student’s Matric no.
4) Choose a document type.
5) Next, create a transaction ID for use with Quickteller.
6) After registering your profile and making a successful payment, you may access your profile.


1) Please note that all fields are required.
2) Keep in mind that courier services are subject to additional expenses.
3) If you have any questions about the courier alternatives, please contact the transcript office once you have filed your application.
4) The use of unauthorized courier services for transcript processing is frowned upon by the institution.
5) The sole courier service allowed by the university administration is universal parcel service (ups), and payment is made online.
6) It is included in your transcript cost and is automated. Any other courier service is used at the patron’s own risk.
7) Payment for transcript processing is forbidden, and anybody who pays cash for transcript processing does so at his or her own risk.

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