Al Khidmat Foundation Talent Scholarship 2022/2023 Application Portal

The Al Khidmat Foundation Talent Scholarship for Students is presently accepting applications from adequately qualified students. It is a fully paid scholarship available to all students.

The Al Khidmat Foundation Talent Scholarship is funded by the Al Khidmat Foundation.

The Alfalah Scholarship Program is a significant step toward equality in the knowledge society. The purpose is to assist poor and worthy students with their school expenditures, both financially and morally. We believe that collaboration is vital in order to create a good future for our society, which is closely tied to education.

Level/Field of Study

The Al Khidmat Foundation Scholarship is available to students in the following levels/fields of study: Intermediate (12 years), Bachelors (4 years), Bachelors (Hons)/Masters (16 years), and MS/MPhil (18 Years). This scholarship has been sponsored by Al Khidmat.

Nationality of the Guest

The Al khidmat Foundation Scholarship is hosted and administered by Pakistan. In 2022, there will be more Pakistan Scholarships for International Students available. These scholarship alternatives can assist you with the majority of your academic challenges. Other scholarship opportunities for study in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America in 2022 may be found here.

Nationality Eligible

This scholarship is only available to students from Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

Al Khidmat Foundation Talent Scholarship Eligibility

You are only permitted to apply for one scholarship at a time. For example, if you have completed your studies, you can apply for an intermediate scholarship. If you have completed an intermediate, you may apply for a bachelor’s scholarship, and if you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for an MS or MPhil scholarship.

To be eligible for an interim scholarship, you must have 70 percent registration points and 60 percent points in all other categories. Students in their last year are not eligible for this prize.

  • This scholarship is only available to Balochistan students.

Documents Required

The talent scholarship program of the Alkhidmat Foundation documents that must be submitted
In your box, include two current passport photographsa copy of your CNIC, and the original NTS copy. Fill out a separate application form for each position you’re applying for.


How to Use

The application form must be downloaded from the NTS website. Alternatively, you may download the form by clicking on the link below.
Send the NTS of 250 Rs to the bank.

Your application form can be sent to any Al Khidmat Foundation office in Balochistan.

Al Khidmat Foundation Talent Scholarship Application Deadline

The AL Khidmat 2022 Foundation Scholarship application date is October 10, 2022.

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