How to Obtain a Unilag Transcript, Requirements, and All Fees Involved

How Apply For Unilag Transcript, The Requirements And All The Fees Involved

We’ll show you how to obtain a UNILAG transcript from the University of Lagos’s records office today. Please be aware that the application for a Unilag transcript is currently underway. If you want to get yours, simply follow the steps outlined below for applying for a Unilag transcript online.

The following is the procedure for requesting a student copy transcript, as published by the school administration.

How Apply for Unilag Transcript, The Requirements And All The Fees Involved Today, we will demonstrate how to obtain a UNILAG
How Apply for Unilag Transcript, The Requirements And All The Fees Involved
Today, we will demonstrate how to obtain a UNILAG

The Procedure for Obtaining the UNILAG Transcript

Any student who wishes to obtain a copy of their transcript may now do so. All interested students should go through the following steps:

  • You must access the student portal via the institution’s official website,
  • When it opens, select Academic Transcript, Student Copy.
  • It will take you to a page where you must select a program.
  • Following your selection of the program, you will be required to make a  1,000 payment online with your debit card or generate a payment invoice and make payment at any accredited commercial bank near you.
  • After you have made payment, the transcript will be emailed to you as an attachment

Please keep in mind that the web portal can be accessed at any time during the same payment session to download additional copies of the same student copy transcript without making another payment.

How to Get a Copy of Your Unilag Transcript

  • Simply follow these steps to track your unilag transcript after submitting your transcript request.
  • You must go to to access the University of Lagos Transcript New Application / Track Application page.
  • Then, on the right hand side of the web portal, go to the Check Applications section.
  • After that, enter your Matric number as well as your email address. Please use your Matric Number or the unilag transcript email address that you provided during the application process
  • You can then click the Submit button when you’re finished.

Please be aware that the student copy of the transcript is only available for results from the 2009/2010 academic session onwards.

Aspects of the Transcript You Should Be Aware Of

  • All application forms must be filled out online.
  • You must create a payment advice (please keep the reference number, for example, RC00…..).
  • You must pay either online or at a designated bank.
  • All hard copy transcript tracking will be done through the following websites:,, and for Fedex.
  • Only equivalent academic institutions, scholarship boards, professional institutions, or embassies can receive student transcripts for academic purposes.
  • Please note that, with the exception of payments made via payment advice, applicants should never pay any individual or organization for any type of fast track.
  • All applications will be processed in the order in which they were received.
  • All soft copy applicants must provide a valid email address.
  • All applicants should be aware that applications sent via NIPOST or scanned to emails do not have a tracking number.
  • Also, your tracking number will be available on the portal as soon as your application has been processed. You can also obtain this information by tracking your application on the web portal.
  • All applicants should be aware that their transcripts will only be sent to equivalent academic institutions, professional institutions, and Embassies under strict confidentiality, and will not be sent to any individual.
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