How to Check Your WAEC Result Online | 2021/2022 Update

Do you wish to to check your WAEC result on the internet?

Most West African students are familiar with WAEC. It is one of the acknowledged post-primary school examinations that determines university acceptance, and it is consequently treated seriously.

WAEC (West Africa Examination Council) exams are given twice a year, in May/June and November/December.

Because the world has gone digital and everything is now done online, WAEC has to reinvent itself in order to keep up with the fast-paced world. WAEC results are being examined online rather than manually, as they were in the past. However, like with anything, there are some protocols that must be followed in order to verify the outcome. You can also read our guide on How to Check Waec Result Without Scratch Card.

Requirements to Check Waec Results 2021/2022

  1. At some time in your life, you should have taken the waec examination. If you have never taken the waec examination, you have no business checking for results because your name will not appear on WAEC’s server. Also, keep in mind that you must check the result based on the country in where you registered and wrote it. Despite the fact that WAEC is a West African exam, each country’s website is unique. As a result, if you wrote your exam in Ghana, you won’t be able to see your results on the Nigerian website. You can go to various websites depending on where country you took the tests in: Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
  2. You’ll need a computer or a smartphone to get started. Of course, this is critical because you won’t be able to visit the site unless you have the necessary gadget. As a result, you’ll need to prepare for that. And with a computer comes the ability to connect to the internet.
  3. You’ll also need to purchase a WAEC scratch card in order to view your results on the WAEC website. The scratch card, of course, must be purchased in the country where you enrolled, and they are frequently available in banks and WAEC offices around the country throughout the WAEC time. It’s important to remember that each person only gets one card, so get yours and don’t use someone else’s.

How to Check Your Waec Result on Waec Website 2021/2022

  1. You’ll need your ten-digit WAEC examination number, which you should have received when you registered for the examinations.
  2. When you have everything you need, go to the WAEC website based on your country (Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.) on your smartphone or laptop that is linked to the internet and log in. Keep in mind that the website you’ll need to visit is specific to your nation.
  3. One of the first things you’ll see after successfully logging in is a result check. You will discover different text boxes to enter your ten-digit examination number, examination year, examination type (whether it was May/June or Nov/Dec), scratch card serial number (found on the reverse side of your scratch card), and personal identification number on your scratch card.

Before submitting, look through the information you submitted again to be sure you didn’t make any mistakes. You could save your result in your email address once you’ve received it to prevent having to go over it again.

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