How To Link Email To JAMB Profile Or Portal And Get Your Login Details 2021

Many candidates who intend to execute one or more activities on the JAMB efacility portal following the conclusion of the 2021 JAMB UTME have been unable to connect because they do not have their login details.

Candidates will be needed to give their email addresses, which must be linked to the JAMB portal, in order to log in to the JAMB platform. However, because JAMB prohibited the use of email addresses during JAMB registration, many candidates do not have their email addresses linked to the JAMB platform. This is done to prevent fraudsters from stealing candidates’ email addresses and using them to commit fraud.

Regardless, JAMB has also made it possible for applicants to link their email addresses to their JAMB profiles and obtain their login information for the JAMB platform. We’ll walk you through the process right here.

How To Link Email To JAMB Profile Or Portal

How To Get Your Login Details For JAMB E-Facility Portal

  • Send Email (space) ‘your email’ (space) ‘your email’ to 55019 as an SMS
    e.g Email [email protected] [email protected] (Note: it should be with the Sim card you used for registration and you should have up to N50 airtime)
  • JAMB will give you an email with your login information after you send the SMS.
  • The technique outlined above is how a candidate can successfully receive his or her JAMB E-facility portal login credentials.
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