How To Print NYSC Call-Up Letter Online 2022

This article discusses  2022/2023, Sample NYSC Call-Up Letter, and the Meaning of NYSC Call-Up Letter. Have you ever wondered how to print your NYSC Call-Up letter? How can I find my NYSC Call-Up letter? What does the NYSC Call-Up letter entail?

If so, this post is for you because we will teach you all you need to know about the NYSC Call-Up letter, the Printing Portal, and how to print your NYSC Call-Up letter for Batch A (Stream I and II) and Batch B (Stream I and II) without any hassle.

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC Call-U letter for Prospective Corps Members for 2022 is now available for printing online.

Prospective Corps Members who did not pay during online registration should pick up their Call-up Letters from their respective institutions of graduation.

Let’s take a brief look at what NYSC Call-Up letter signifies before we get into how to print NYSC Call-Up letter Online.

What Does NYSC Call-up Letter Indicates?

Sample NYSC Call-Up Letter


Your NYSC Call-Up letter provides important information such as your call-up number, the state you have been assigned to serve in, the day you should report to camp, the date verification will end in camp, and other details.

Now that you understand what a NYSC Call-Up letter is and how it appears, let’s look at how to print your NYSC Call-Up letter online.

How to Print the NYSC Call-Up Letter for 2022/2023How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letter Online

  • Go to the NYSC portal at
  • Click on the LOGIN Menu.
  • Login with your registered EMAIL and PASSWORD.
  • Click on the ‘PRINT CALL UP LETTER’ link to access and print your NYSC call-up letter.

10 NYSC Security Recommendations for Corp Members

The following are ten NYSC security guidelines to assist you survive and remain secure as a corp member:

  • Live with other corpers
  • Lock your doors at all times
  • Live close to your PPA
  • Be alert to any danger
  • Always tell people of your whereabout
  • Don’t stay out late at nights
  • Don’t flaunt your valuables
  • Be careful when given a lift from strangers
  • Tolerance/Endurance
  • Health is wealth
  • Locate a medical clinic/Centre
  • Humility
  • Avoid religious/political argument
  • No fighting
  • No stealing
  • Be diligent in service
  • Decency in dressing
  • Avoid snatching colleague’s date
  • Be security conscious
  • Avoid late nights
  • Serve God
  • Know that there is life after service

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