I Don’t Know How to Operate a Computer Can I Write Jamb? 2022/2023

Writing Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer has been the question of most Jamb candidates usually ask. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding jamb CBT exams since jamb dump the paper type that is familiar to candidates.

We have received a number of questions from candidates who are unfamiliar with the format of CBT exams.

Can I take the Jamb exam if I don’t know how to use a computer? How can you pass the jamb if you don’t know how to use a computer?

Jamb has acknowledged that over 70% of jamb candidates are still nervous about computer-based testing, which is why they introduced optional mock exams for jamb candidates who want to practice and know how the real jamb exam looks and feels like.

Can I Write Jamb if I don’t know how to use a computer?

Writing Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer

Returning to the original question, Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Use A Computer? Yes, a candidate who does not have a complete understanding of how a computer works can still apply for JAMB.

You are not going there to do any work, but rather to click and select options presented to you in a series of objectives.

First, learn how to use a computer mouse and move it around, and then learn how to click on objects on the system… That is all you need to know; you do not need to attend a computer school in order to write Jamb exams.

Finally, you should be familiar with the jamb 8 keys, which are A,B,C,D,P,N,S, and R. I believe I saw a video on YouTube that tries to explain something similar; don’t worry, I will seek permission from the video’s owner before sharing the link here.

Jamb 8 Keys To Use For CBT 2022/2023

I will do my best to explain the keys to you, but there are some resources online that do so as well.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. P
  6. N
  7. S
  8. R

Because the Jamb objectives range from A to D, Jamb has provided these selection keys to help you easily select your preferred answers.

A. If you press A, it indicates that you have chosen the correct answer.

B. The same is true for B. If the answer is B, select B.

C. clicking on C indicates that you have chosen C as your answer.

D. demonstrates the solution

Jamb Special Keys

P. (backwards/previous) This simply means previous; if you forgot to answer a question or want to double-check everything youve previously answered, use P to go back.

N stands for “next/forward.” N is self-explanatory; when you finish a section, what comes up next is N. When you press this key, the system will do the following:

S. this mean submit, when you are done just click on S.

R. You can use R to undo or delete what you have previously entered.

Writing Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer is all that was explained in this article. I hope this has been of assistance to you.

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