Marking And Grading Procedures For Jamb 2022/2023? New Rating for Jamb

How Will The Jamb 2022/2023 Exam Be Marked And Graded?

Jamb Marking and Grading Procedures has been the concerns of all Jamb candidates. This guide clarifies your concerns. If you have been wondering how Jamb 2022/2023 will be marked and graded, this is the article for you. I recommend that you read this post from beginning to end in order to understand how jamb is graded and how their score is calculated.

2022/2023 Jamb Marking Scheme

We have recently seen an unusual decrease in the total number of questions jamb sets in the exams, which makes one wonder if the marks assigned to each question are still the same as before.

Despite the reduction in total number of questions, the total mark remains the same 400, as they will still mark the total score over percent 100.

As a result, the highest mark a candidate can receive is 400, while the average score is 200, and this is where most competitive universities will set their departmental cut of mark.

How does the Jamb calculate their grades?

Jamb Marking and Grading Procedures

If you were given 40 questions to answer in a subject and got every question correct, that means you scored 100 points in that subject.

I hope you understand that all of your scores must be multiplied by 100 and then divided by the total number of questions.

Total point total The subject’s availability =40

Your subject score is =40.

The total percentage is 100%.

Now, if you get a score of 25, that means your 25 *100/40 = 62.

Now, if you got a 10, that means your 10 *100/40=25.

This new system is good news for some and bad news for others. If you get a very low score, anything between 1 and 18 will drastically reduce your chances of passing the jamb with a total score of 200.

Is it applicable to the English language? Because each question/section carries a different score, this grading system has no effect on jamb use of English. Please keep in mind that the total number of questions in the jamb for English is usually 100, which outnumbers other subjects by nearly *2.

Five questions are contained in one passage.

The sum of two passages equals ten questions.

One question is worth three points.
10 multiplied by 3 equals 30.

Jamb’s new grading system will be implemented in 2022/2023.

To consider candidates who performed well in their O level results, the new jamb grading system was implemented. This means that the institution will now consider the O level grade when making admission decisions.

Candidates who received their grades in one sitting received a special mark of ten, while those who received their grades in two sittings received only two marks.

In the new grading system, A1 earns 6 points, while B2 earns 4 points, leaving those struggling with Cs with only 3 points.


 GRADE         TO                POINTS

180                   185                    20
186                   190                    21
191                    195                    22
196                    200                  23
201                    205                  24
206                   210                   25
211                     215                   26
216                    222                  27
221                    225                   28
226                   230                  29
231                   235                   30
236                  240                  31
244                  248                   32
252                   256                  33
260                   300                 34-43
300                  400                 44-60

This new system will also have an impact on those with low WAEC and NECO grades, as it may dilute your high Jamb score.

Negative Jamb Marking (Do Jamb participates in Negative Marking)

There have been numerous speculations about this issue, with the general consensus being that if a candidate did guesswork and answered a question incorrectly, a mark will be deducted from their score. The goal of negative marking was to discourage guesswork in the classroom.
I don’t believe jamb substrate exists because you provided an incorrect answer.

Well, in my opinion, such a thing does not exist because it makes no sense at all.

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