Sule Lamido University Online Transcript Request.

A comprehensive guide/procedure for submitting an online application for Sule Lamido University, Kafin Hausa, Jigawa (SLU) Transcript and Document Verification. Applicants should use the methods outlined below to apply for SLU Transcript and Document Verification online.

All Sule Lamido University (SLU) alumni are being notified that they can now apply for their transcripts online. The processes indicated below can be used to apply for Sule Lamido University (SLU) transcripts and document verification:

Transcripts from SLU and the Document Verification Process

Applicants should complete the following:

  • Go to the SLU document verification portal website at
  • Go to the Apply for Transcript page,
  • fill out the needed information, and submit.

How to Request Transcript/Document Verification at SLU

Prospective candidates should:

  • Complete your company’s profile by filling in the required information.
  • On the confirmation screen, double-check your information.
  • Verify a student’s Matric number.
  • Pick a document type to work with.
  • Next, create a transaction ID to use with Quickteller.
  • After successfully registering your profile and making a payment, you may log in to your account.

Do you require assistance in acquiring your Sule Lamido University transcripts?

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How Does It Work?

Sule Lamido University has requested an electronic transcript.
Request your academic transcripts from Sule Lamido University online through the ETX-NG network, and have them securely sent electronically or by courier to any location in the globe. Choose from one of the following services:

  • Request & Delivery: While working with Sule Lamido University, we manage the complete transcript request and enable delivery on your behalf.
  • Only Delivery: If you choose this option, you will be responsible for requesting your transcript directly from Sule Lamido University. When you’re ready, we’ll make the delivery.
  • Unofficial Personal: Request an unofficial personal copy of your transcripts from Sule Lamido University, which will be forwarded to your email box for your personal use.
  • Request and save your certified electronic transcript in the electronic storage wallet for simpler retrieval and faster delivery.

Sule Lamido University ETX-NG Online Transcript Request Portal:

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