MADONNAUNI Transcript and Document Verification Application Guide

TRANSCRIPT OF MADONNAUNI. This is a step-by-step method to applying online for Madonna University, Okija, MADONNAUNI Transcript and Document Verification. For a successful application, interested applicants should follow the steps outlined below.

This letter is to advise all Madonna University, Okija, MADONNAUNI graduates that they may now apply for their transcripts online. The following processes can be used to apply for Madonna University, Okija, MADONNAUNI Transcripts, and Document Verification:

Transcripts and Document Verification Process at MADONNAUNI.

  • Follow this link to the document verification portal page:
  • Apply for a transcript by clicking the Apply for Transcript button,
  • filling out the needed information, and submitting it.

How to Request a Verification of MADONNAUNI Transcripts or Documents.

  • Fill in your company’s information to create a profile for your business.
  • On the confirmation screen, double-check your information.
  • Verify a student’s Matric number.
  • Choose a document type from the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to create a transaction ID for use with Quickteller.
  • You may access your profile after completing the registration process and making a successful payment.

How can I acquire a copy of my Madonna University transcript?

A: Go to  > Resources > Transcript Request and complete the following steps:

  • Use the user credentials you generated to log in to the site. Use the ‘View’ button on the My Account page to check the status of your order.
  • Tell us where you’d like your document(s) sent. For transcripts, you can chose an
    institution, an employer, yourself, or the email of the person who will receive the
    document. For diplomas and certificates, these documents are mailed, give us the
    name of the person to whom it is to be sent.
  •  Click on the Search button.
  • If we already have the information for that institution or person, you can choose
    them from a list. If not, you can enter the information by clicking on the ‘Enter Your
    Own’ button, and typing the information.
  • Some institutions have already told us that they prefer electronic or mail delivery
    options. If your institution has done so, that will be the default option. If not, you’ll
    be able to choose.
  • Choose your order options:
    o Processing Time: You can select “Hold for Grades” or “Hold for Degree” for
    the current semester, or you can have us send it now.
    o Recipient Name: This information will be there if you already provided it
    o Email Address or Mailing Address.
    o If you have an attachment that we need to complete and send with the
    transcript, such as a nursing licensure certification, you can attach that
    document here.
  • Review the contents of your shopping cart. You can continue shopping if you need
    to order multiple copies, update your cart, or checkout.
  • Madonna University takes the privacy of our students very seriously. Please read and accept the consent statement and follow the directions on the screen.
  • Enter payment information.
  • Review your order for accuracy.
  • Confirm your order. You’ll get an order number and a confirmation that your order has been submitted and is being processed.
  • Log out.

How can I contact Madonna University?

Contact Us
  1. (734) 432-5300.
  2. [email protected]

Who is the Current Vice Chancellor  Madonna University?

  • Professor Chuks Emmanuel Ezedum has been appointed as the next Vice Chancellor. He is a professor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he teaches public health education (UNN).
  • Prof. C E Ezedum has worked in higher education for almost two decades, including eight years as a professor.
  • Prof. Ezedum was previously the Executive Director of the University of Nigeria Nsukka’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development Research.
  • Prof. Ezedum has worked as a resource person for a number of committees and as a Lead Consultant for a number of international and local research projects.
  • He is the author of several novels and reading materials. He has made significant contributions to a number of international and local journals.

Appointment of an Acting Registrar

The appointment of Mr. Gilbert M. Ugwu as Acting Registrar has been approved. Mr. Ugwu worked as a Deputy Registrar at the University’s Okija Campus. Mr. T. I. Ugwoke was replaced by him.
A new Dean of Student Affairs has been appointed.

Appointment of a New Dean of Student Affairs

The appointment of Dr. Uche J.M.J as the new Dean of Students Affairs has been approved.
Asso was replaced by him. P.J.C. Nwosu, Ph.D.


  • All fields must be completed.
  • It’s worth noting that using a courier incurs additional costs.
  • If you have any questions about the courier alternatives, please contact the transcript office once you have filed your application.
  • The use of prohibited courier firms for transcript processing is frowned upon by the institution.
  • Universal parcel service (ups) is the university’s sole approved courier service, and payment is done automatically online. Any other courier service is used at the patron’s own risk.
  • Payment for transcript processing is not permitted, and anybody who pays cash for transcript processing does so at his or her own risk.

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