UNIOSUN Transcript and Document Verification Application Guide and Procedure

A step-by-step instruction on how to apply for UNIOSUN Transcript and Document Verification Online at Osun State University Osogbo. For a successful application, interested applicants should follow the steps outlined below.

This is to let all Osun State University Osogbo, UNIOSUN graduates know that they may now apply for their transcript collecting online. The following processes can be used to apply for Osun State University Osogbo Transcripts and Document Verification:

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How to Get Your UNIOSUN Transcript/Document Verified.

  • Fill in your company’s information to create a profile for your business.
  • On the confirmation screen, double-check your information.
  • Verify a student’s Matric number.
  • Choose a document type from the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to create a transaction ID for use with Quickteller.
  • You may access your profile after completing the registration process and making a successful payment.

Transcripts and Document Verification at UNIOSUN

  • UNIOSUN’s document verification portal can be found at https://www.etx-ng.com/ UNIOSUN’s
  • Apply for a transcript by clicking the Apply for Transcript button,
  • filling out the needed information, and submitting it.

Requesting a Transcript or a Certificate Reissue

The Academic Affairs Department’s Transcripts Office will help you receive a copy of your Osun State University academic record. Please read the following guidelines before contacting us.

The procedure for acquiring a transcript is as follows:

Obtain a bank draft in the name of Osun State University, Osogbo, from any commercial bank (not including community banks). Bring the draft to the Student Accounts Office (Room 111) on Main Campus. Make a photocopy of the draft and get it endorsed and changed to receipt at the Student Account Office. To your carefully prepared application addressed to the Registrar, include the official receipt from the University’s Bursary Department, a photocopy of the approved draft, the transcript label (where applicable), and the online registration of courses. If you’re requesting a student copy, mark Student Copy” on your application. Please submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

The following items must be included in your letter:

The address of the institution to which you want the transcript sent, your matriculation number, your phone number, your year of admission, and your graduating department.

  • FEES: Pay the following fees as directed:
  • Fee for processing transcripts: N5,000.00 (Local or Student Copy)
  • Fee for processing transcripts: N20,000.00 (International)
  • If all other factors remain constant, your transcript should be ready within the shortest time possible after submission.


Because each student receives only one degree certificate and we do not save copies, you will need to produce a photocopy of your certificate that we can certify.

FEES: N1,000 for each type of document (Pay into the designsted Account and obtain Teller)


The Registrar Office handles requests for original certificate replacements, which can only be granted if the original has been irreversibly lost. Applicants will be asked to file a statutory declaration/affidavit outlining the circumstances of the loss as part of the application procedure.

FEES FOR REISSUE OF THE CERTIFICATE– N25,000 (Bank Draft in favour of Osun State University to obtain receipt for application to the Registrar)


An formal Letter of Attestation/ Proficiency in English may be obtained from the Transcripts Office (Academic Affairs Department), which will certify your award. These are often accepted as proof of your degree for studying abroad and visa requirements, according to our experience.

FEES: Each type of document – N1,000 (Pay into designated Acccount and obtain Teller)

Kindly pay to the Account details below:

Name of Account –  Osun State University, Osogbo

Bank Name –           Access Bank

Account Number –   0000504412

What is the meaning of a transcript certificate?

Certificate of Transcript: A transcript certificate is a document that serves as evidence of your educational credentials. It contains a full record of all topics studied by students during their academic term, as well as marks or grades.

osun university transcript

How You Can Apply Your Transcripts Online/Request For Transcript?.

In terms of the first option, your entire Transcript application will be performed online, from document submission to Transcript shipment. To do so, go to your university’s website and look for an option to upload your papers, as well as a way to pay your fees online. The University will deliver your documents once you’ve finished submitting both documents and payments, and you’ll be able to check their progress online.
Second, payment for Online Transcripts will be made online, although your papers must be sent to the University by courier, thus it is still a time and energy saver compared to physically visiting the University. Many universities will assist you in applying for your transcripts online by simply sending them an email with your documentation and paying the application cost via NEFT.

There are various options where you may apply for your Transcripts partially online and then physically visit the University for the following set of procedures. For example, you can pay for your Transcript Application online, but you must physically visit the institution to provide papers or authorize someone to receive your Transcript.

Applying for Transcripts Online has an impact on the time it takes for your Transcripts to be delivered. Both alternatives are accessible at some universities, although the time it takes to finish the procedure varies. For example, in some universities, the TAT for Transcripts may be 2 months if you apply online, but 15 days if you visit the university and finish the procedure.
As a result, you must be informed of your university’s Transcripts process, including whether you may apply for Transcripts online or not, and make the necessary arrangements.

In relation to the aforementioned points, it is worth noting that all of the aforementioned points would change depending on the colleges, as each of them would have its own set of regulations, policies, and cost structures.


As more universities move toward digitalization and having all of their paper work done through their online portals, it has been noted that a large number of colleges/universities now offer online transcripts, which I believe is the best way to go because it avoids the unnecessary delay in time as well as the enormous amount of tedious paper work that would have resulted otherwise.

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