University of South Africa PhD Scholarship 2022 Application Update

The University of South Africa is now taking applications for the University of South Africa PhD Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students from appropriately qualified applicants. It is a fully financed student award.

PhD Scholarships at the University of South Africa

The purpose of this scholarship is to support the expansion of postgraduate training with overseas partners, higher education institutions, and industry in order to meet the country’s unique needs.

South Africa’s University of South Africa is a well-known research and teaching institution. We strive for excellence via the development, preservation, transmission, and application of knowledge.
For more than a century, we’ve been training and collaborating with great individuals to offer knowledge leadership for a better society.

Level/Study Subject

The scholarship can be used to study for a postgraduate degree. The scholarship allows you to enroll in all of the university’s courses.

Nationality of the Host

All scholarships are accepted at the University of South Africa in South Africa.

Nationality Requirements

South African nationals are eligible for the award.

Benefits of a Scholarship

The scholarship will be valued up to 50,000 dollars.

Eligibility for a PhD Scholarship at the University of South Africa

The following requirements must be met by the applicant:

  • In 2022, applicants must be enrolled full-time in a master’s dissertation.
    Applicants who have already submitted a proposal are ineligible to apply.
  • Applicants who began their studies prior to 2022 are ineligible to apply.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement.
  • Students who have previously received funding from NSFAS or the University Financial Aid Scheme will be given priority (proof must be attached).
  • The research of applicants should be related to one of the National Research Priorities areas.
  • Parallel degrees, or a second degree at the same level as a degree already held by the candidate, are not eligible for bursaries.
  • Bursars may not be hired full-time (this includes interns, postgraduate student assistants, or any other sort of remunerated work), and may only teach, tutorial, help, or display for a maximum of 12 hours per week.
  • NRF Freestanding bursaries will be approved based on the following equity criteria, in accordance with South African equity targets: 80 percent of the pupils are black, 55 percent are women, 20 percent are white, and 4% are disabled.
  • The Innovation Block Grant is provided to South African citizens/permanent residents, 13 percent to foreign nationals, 5% to SADC, 4% to the rest of Africa, and 4% to students, in accordance with South African equality objectives.

Furthermore, DST-NRF Innovation bursaries will be awarded based on the following equality targets: 80 percent blacks, 55 percent women, 20 percent white, and 4% disabled students.

How to Make an Application

  • By October 24, 2022, complete the accompanying form and submit it to the Unisa Research Support Directorate with the appropriate support:
  • 2022 University letterhead proof of registration
    a certified duplicate of a South African driver’s license
  • On the letterhead of the university, a complete academic record is provided.
  • Proof that the student was previously sponsored by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or the University Financial Aid Scheme (UFAS) (only applicable to students that were previously funded by NSFAS)
  • A police station affidavit (confirming that you will not be employed full-time throughout the 2021 school year) (you do not hold any full-time salaried job).


The deadline to apply for a PhD scholarship at the University of South Africa

is  October 24th, 2022.

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