Will Jamb Repeat Past Questions For 2022/2023 Jamb Exams?

Will Jamb Repeat Past Questions for The Next Exams

In practically all of my jamb posts, I have listed the most crucial aspects of studying with jamb previous questions; in fact, the value of studying with jamb past questions cannot be overstated.

In response to my previous article, How to Score 300+ on Jamb Questions Only, a student wrote me and said, “Do You Think Jamb Will Repeat Past Questions For Jamb 2022/2023?”

Well, I gave the candidate who asked me the question only one response: YES, Jamb will repeat previous queries; this has been a tendency for several years and will continue.

If you want to do well in your upcoming examinations, the magic of prior questions is the way to go.

You may be wondering, “How can I study with Jamb previous questions?” Well, I have produced an article that will advise you on how to study efficiently with Jamb past questions and still achieve excellent results.

Jamb Will Rephrase Previous Questions :

Jamb is bored of conducting research and posing new questions for the time being; it’s as if they have run out of new questions, which is why they now rely significantly on posing new questions.

What’s next:

Get as many prior questions as you can and start studying; please do not rely on the questions at the back of the questions because many of them are incorrect. As a result, I have urged candidates to read alongside their textbooks.

Please keep in mind that JAMB previous questions should not be used in place of your textbooks, but rather as a supplementary guide/resource.

You will not know the correct answers to most problems if you do not first study your text books before going over to jamb prior questions.

Conclusion: now that you know that former questions can be repeated, it’s time to collect as many as you can. Don’t limit yourself to only last year’s questions; collect all previous jamb questions from 1988 to 2015.

If you can get your hands on those from 2016 to 2017, which I know will be hard to come by in the market, all the better.

Don’t forget to share your previous jamb exam experience with others; please share this article for me.

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